Winter Farm Writes creator, Anne Winter

Winter Farm Writes creator, Anne Winter

My name is Anne Winter and I live with my husband and children here on Winter Farm. We raise free-range chickens for eggs, vegetables for canning and eating, and two children (a son and a daughter) for endless entertainment.

Additionally, I do freelance Spanish translating for Unbound and serve on the board at Camp Wood YMCA. These organizations and the work they do are very important to me and I encourage you to visit their websites to learn more about them.

I maintain this blog to record these harried years as a young mother with small children and to indulge my favorite pastimes, writing and taking photos. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into my life and into my mind. Welcome.


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Anne,

    I am very taken with your infatuation with your barn, incredible photographs of your chickens and stories from the farm.

    A wonderful place to land. I will follow you! Kathleen OBrien


  3. Knowing you and reading your insightful words and beautiful pictures has made my day! Thank you for an inspiration glimpse into a piece of you and your life. Thank you for a smile for my day….raelene dietz


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